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Keep your Accounting in Order with Quickbooks Online Plus
Keep your Accounting in Order with Quickbooks Online Plus

Quickbooks and Digitail integration shares data between the two applications and makes keeping the books as easy as possible.

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Quickbooks (QB) - Digitail integration works only with QB online and it needs QB Plus.


How to link your Quickbooks account in Digitail?

1. Configure and generate an API key from QB

Under Production Settings,
Add the following to the Terms of service links to EULA Terms and Privacy:

"" to End User License Agreement Url and "" to Privacy Policy URL

Add the following to App URLs:

"" to Host Domain,
"" to Launch URL, and

  • Under "Categorize your app", select "Accounting"

  • Under "Tell us about regulated industries that use your app", select "None of the above"

  • Under "Where is your app hosted?", select your country.

  • Under "Countries you accept connections from" you should select the countries where your business can use your app and where your integration with QuickBooks meets local tax.

  • Save at the bottom of the page.

Under Production Settings, go to Keys & credentials, you will need to ensure all items are checked, and you have completed the app assessment questionnaire.

Use the answers below to help with the app assessment questionnaire. ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

Once all the above steps have been completed including the app assessment questionnaire, we should be able to see the CLIENT ID and the CLIENT SECRET under Production Settings (Keys & credentials).

Make sure to add the following redirect URIs under KEYS & AUTH

Click Save.

2. Connect QuickBooks to Digitail

  • Let us know that you are ready to connect QuickBooks to Digitail using the Support Chat. You will first need to get confirmation before connecting to QB.

  • Go to the Integrations section in Digitail, click on Connect under the QB Card, and paste the CLIENT ID and the CLIENT SECRET from QuickBooks.

  • It may be prompt to log into your Quickbooks account

Charts accounts recommendations:

Income account: Sales of Product Income

Other Current Asset: Inventory

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