To add a new client, click on (+) Add Patient button from the Patients page,

or use the quick actions button from the top right-hand side.

The form is divided in two steps:

1. Client Information:

First Name - mandatory

Last Name - mandatory

Mobile Phone - mandatory

Email: - optional

*we recommend getting an email address from all your clients.

Address (just start typing and get suggestions from Google Maps): - optional

Birthdate - optional

ID card number - optional

Personal ID number - optional

2. Patient information

Patient name:

Birthdate: mandatory

Species: mandatory

*start typing and select from the options displayed

Breed: - mandatory

*start typing and select from the options displayed

Crossbreed: optional

*If you choose Yes, you can then select a second breed

Gender - mandatory

Profile Photo - optional

Color - optional

Distinctive Marks - optional

Allergies - optional

Insurance Number - optional

Blood type - optional

Reproductive Status - optional

Microchip ID - optional

Passport series - optional

Health Card Number - optional

Description - optional

Choose a health plan: optional

Our recommendation is to fill as many fields as possible at first because you can generate automatically consent forms or certificates.

After you finish, just click Save.

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