The profile of a pet can be accessed quickly by clicking directly on their name from the main screen, or by selecting them from the drop-down menu when using the smart search from the top right corner.

The profile has four main components:

1. Actions

Here you can find the menu with some quick actions to create a new record, add an appointment, send messages, edit client or pet details.

2. General Info

This section is a real-time summary that gets updated every time you add a new record. From here you have easy access to preventative care treatments, veterinary diets, and certificates.

For any other relevant information that you want to see firsthand, you can use the internal notes section.

3. Timeline

In this section, you can see all the completed records or drafts.

You can view the PDF summary of a record just by clicking on its name or you can go directly to edit mode by clicking on the opened folder right next to the title.

4. Appointments

Overview of all appointments broken down by Upcoming, Recommended, Pending, Missed, or Canceled.

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