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Record split payments
Record split payments

Keep track of split payments.

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Recording multiple payments for the same invoice is easy in Digitail.

You can record a new payment from the SOAP, from an over-the-counter sale, or from the Flowboard. Click on Add payment, and write the amount the client is paying at the moment. You can also include additional notes about this payment if needed. If you want to charge the remaining amount directly, simply click on the auto-fill amount button.

All the payments will be displayed in the Payment area of the Billing section from the record and from the direct sell. Here you can see the exact date and hour of the transaction, the description, the amount that has been paid, and the method.

You can all see all the transactions in the Payments report.

๐Ÿ“Œ If the client is paying online (via Stripe or VetPay), the transaction will appear directly here marked as Online.

You can easily see the total, the amount paid, and the amount due.

๐Ÿ“Œ Adding a partial payment will automatically mark the invoice as 'Closed' - this means you can add other payments, but you can't edit the items from the invoice. Read more about the sale/invoice statuses and stages here.

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