Set up product reminders

Streamline your work by automating reminders for different products.

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Check out below how to configure product reminders, how to set up recurrences, update due dates and view sent notifications. πŸ’Š πŸ’‰

Product reminders settings

As a default, reminders are sent one week before and one day before the appointment, but you can customize these rules.

You can decide how many reminders you want to send for each upcoming product that's due to be administered, on what channels (SMS, Email, in App), and with how much time in advance.

In order to change the default settings of the reminders go to Administration - Client Notifications - Reminders πŸ‘‰

To add another reminder click on the Add button under the Product Reminders section.

To delete a reminder click on the red bin button.

Once you finish the settings, they will take effect after clicking on the Save button from the bottom right-hand side.

Set up recurrences for products

From your Directory of Products, you can set up the administration recurrence for individual products. You can define in days, weeks, or months the recommended time frame that the product needs to be re-administered.

Update due dates on the go from the Record

When using a specific product in a Record (standalone or part of a service), the due date will be automatically displayed. You can change the default one and choose a different due date specific to the case.

The reminders will be generated automatically based on the new due date.

πŸ“Œ When using another product from the same category (such as Vaccinations, Rabies, Flea Treatment, etc.) the system will overwrite the old reminders and update them with the new due dates.

Check upcoming due dates for a patient

In each patient's health card, you can see the history of preventative care treatments, when they took place, and the next due date.

Check what reminders are being sent

From the Notifications page, you can check the entire history of messages that have been sent (automatically by the system or manually). All the reminders sent out for products will appear there.

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