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Learn how to create advanced Dental Charts and share them with clients.

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Easily create Dental Charts from the SOAP. Go to the Plan section → Procedures, and select 'Dental Chart'. The chart will differ based on the patient's species (the currently available charts are for dogs, cats, and horses - rabbits coming soon).

Charting Teeth

Navigate through teeth simply by clicking on them or by using the left/right arrows.

Each tooth can be marked as:

  • Evaluated (it will be marked in teal, with a full border) - this status gets triggered automatically when none of the other 4 statuses is selected and any of the charting fields are filled in.

  • Missing (it will be marked in grey, with no border) - all the charting fields will be hidden

  • Extract (it will be marked in red, with a dotted border) - all the charting fields are visible

  • Recommend Treatment (it will be marked in orange, with a full border) - all the charting fields are visible

📌 The 'Recommend Treatment' status can be used for cases when a certain tooth should be extracted or treated, but the client declines due to financial concerns, time under anaesthesia, etc., or for situations when it's recommended to stage the procedure due to concerns over anaesthesia time, how the patient is doing under anaesthesia, technical ability (may need to refer to a specialist for part of the procedure), etc.

  • Other Treatment (it will be marked in purple, with a dashed border) - all the charting fields are visible

📌 The 'Other Treatment' status can be used for fillings, crowns, implants, subgingival antibiotics, root canals, etc., that are taking place during the visit.

Charting fields

Each tooth that is not missing or about to be extracted has different charting fields available.

  • Mobility

  • Probing (Pocket)

    • Probing depth

    • Position

  • Gingivitis

  • Furcation

  • Fracture

  • Resorption

    📌 If the charting takes place before radiographs and you want to mark that a tooth has visible (to the naked eye) resorption but not give it a Stage, simply free-type “Resorption” in “Other Findings”.

  • Other Findings - free text area for other general notes and findings

Multi-teeth selection

Use CONTROL/COMMAND+CLICK to select multiple teeth at once or SHIFT+CLICK to select an entire area (and all the teeth in between). You can mark all of them with a specific status (evaluated, missing, etc) or fill in the fields for all the teeth at once. If you need to update one of them with specific findings, you can simply click on that tooth and update the details as needed.


Click on the purple button to preview the chart at any stage. You can simply download or print it directly. An option for sending it via email is coming soon! 🎉

The dental chart can easily be accessed from the Timeline > Record cards as well. Click on it to preview the full dental chart and download it.

Dog Dental Chart

Cat Dental Chart

Horse Dental Chart

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