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Order Heska Lab tests

Learn how to create and manage Heska orders from the SOAP.

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In order to order Heska tests on your records, make sure you have the integration active and set up correctly. Please follow the steps described in this article or contact us if you need help.

After opening a record, go to the Plan section → Services & Products and start adding the tests.

When you are ready to create the order, simply click on 'Manage lab order', followed by 'Create new order'. You will be prompted with a list of all the tests added to the record. From here, you can select and submit all or just some of them.

📌 If the same test is added twice on the record, you won't be able to order both of them in the same order. However, you can create as many orders as you need directly from the same record.

📌 If you add or remove tests at this step, the SOAP won't be automatically updated, so don't forget to also add the extra tests on the SOAP for billing purposes (you don't need to submit another order with them) or remove the unwanted tests so the charges are accurate.

You can see all the orders directly on the SOAP, with their ID and submission date.


The results will be listed below each order, once they are ready. Simply click on the blue link to view the PDF file. The results from an order can come on one single document or on different ones, depending on the type of tests submitted.

The results will also automatically attach to the SOAP (Objective → Files).

The order and results will be visible in the patient's profile, in the Health Card > Diagnostics section and in the Timeline, as part of the SOAPs history.

The results will also be displayed in the Lab Tests Report, from where you can filter by type, status, date, patient, client or staff.

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