Steps to activate the integration:

1. Activate your ANTECH integration from Digitail

Go to Administration - Integrations and click on the Connect button under the ANTECH logo.

Enter your credentials provided by ANTECH, and click Save.

After you save you should see "Connected" under the ANTECH icon.

2. Link your listed services with the ones from ANTECH

Go to Administration - Services to set up your ANTECH services. If you want to link existing services from your clinic, just search for them and click on Edit details. If you want to add a new service, click on Add service.

You will find an additional field called Laboratory Services. Type and search here for the corresponding service from ANTECH and select it. Once selected, click on Save.

📌 To get a list of all the available services, press space in the Laboratory Service search field.

Your service has now been linked to the selected ANTECH service.

Charge and order an ANTECH lab test

On a new SOAP/Record, go to Plan - Services & Products and search for the ANTECH service lab test. Click on it and initiate the lab order.

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