Our integration with TextBlaze will help you speed up your typing in records, it will help you create instant replies or default messages that you use constantly.

Only available with Chrome

To activate TextBlaze, click on the button below and follow the activation steps 👇

Steps to activate the integration:

1. Add extension to Chrome

2. Sign up with an account to have all your devices synced.

3. Start creating Snippets

How to create a snippet?

A snippet is made up of 3 components.

  1. A title

  2. Shortcut (shortcode that you type to get the full content pasted)

  3. Content (the text that you want to be pasted when using the shortcode)

After following the 3 steps above, the snippet gets saved automatically.

How to use a snippet?

Type the shortcode wherever you want to use the entire text.

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