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Set up Visit/Appointment Types

Set up the services that you are providing in the practice.

Updated over a week ago

To set up and enable the available services provided by your practice, you need to go to Administration - Clinic Profile - Services 👉

Start searching by typing the keyword and selecting the service from the drop-down menu. You can repeat the process and mark as many services as you want. After selecting them from the list, click on the Add button.

The selected services will automatically be redirected under their specific categories.

You can view all listed services in Digitail and add them faster using the multi-selection method. After ticking the ones you want, click the Save button.

Set durations for Visit Types

You can set how much time a booked service should be blocked on your schedule. In order to do that, just click and expand the corresponding category and click the edit button next to the service.

Set color codes for visit Types

You can customize the color that appears on the left side of each Visit Type to help you get a better overview of your day.

Hide specific Visit Types from the Online Booking Systems

You can hide services that you don't feel are necessary in the public calendar. Expand the category and click on the hide button near the service. Hidden services won't show up for pet parents when requesting an appointment.

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