Plan section

Covers the treatment, medication and recommendations.

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The Plan section is where you can add the procedures performed, the given medication, order further labs and offer recommendations and next steps.

Services & Products

Everything regarding performed services and administered products goes here.

You can search for existing items or add new ones on the spot.

All the services and products that you note here will automatically appear on the invoice.

Each item (service or product) will have a provider associated. The default one will be the user that added the item, but it can be updated if needed.

Procedures Reports

Here you can go more in-depth into the procedures performed.


A new way to create prescriptions is coming soon! Here is a quick overview of the new section - stay tuned for the update 👌


You can set up predefined recommendations for diagnoses and products and every time you use them, this section will get updated. You can quickly add new ones or write general recommendations. Each recommendation can easily be printed, either on a label printer or a normal printer.

Follow-up Appointment

Don't let clients leave without the next appointment! Here you can directly schedule the next visit for them.

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