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Generate Prescriptions and Refills
Generate Prescriptions and Refills

Learn how to prescribe medications, add refills, and manage active prescriptions.

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You can now generate new prescriptions or fill medications directly from the medical record! Go to the Plan section, and open the Medications tab.

New prescriptions

From the Medications tab in the Record, simply type the product name and select it from the list. You can select the type (in-house or external), the expiration (the default is one year from the prescription date), the number of refills, the quantity dispensed, and the prescribing doctor. The label is prefilled with the label text defined in the admin, but it can be easily updated. The internal notes are always private, and you can use them to record additional information or leave notes for your colleagues.

Once you are done, click 'Confirm' to finalize the prescription. This will add it to the Active section, where you can view or delete it if necessary.

📌 You can only delete prescriptions from the Record where they were created; therefore, the 'delete' icon will only be available for the prescriptions linked to the current Record.

📌 You can't delete prescriptions that already have refills; if you need to delete it, delete the refills first and then try deleting the prescription as well.

📌 Prescriptions can't be edited; therefore, if you need to update something, please delete it and add it again.


The prescriptions or refills marked as in-house will adjust your stock accordingly to the quantity prescribed. They will appear in the Billing section and on the invoice.


The prescriptions or refills marked as external won't affect your stock and won't appear on the invoice.

Check out a short video on how to add new prescriptions👇

Active prescriptions

In the medications tab, you can see all the active prescriptions that the patient has.

Prescriptions are considered Active as long as the 'Prescription expiration' date is not reached, and it wasn't marked manually as Inactive.

A prescription that doesn't have refills left will still be displayed as Active until it expires or until it is marked as Inactive.

Mark a prescription as Inactive

If the medication didn't work or the prescription is not relevant anymore, go to the Health Card > Medications tab and change the status.

Create a refill

The prescriptions that still have refills left will display a 'Refill' button. Click on it to start the new refill. The label will be automatically pre-filled with the label information of the prescription, but you can update them if needed.

When opening the prescription details, you can also see how many refills are left. All the refills will also be displayed under the prescription. You can toggle each to see the details, such as the label or internal notes.

📌 You can change the refill type from in-house to external (or the other way around) if needed.

📌 You can only edit or delete refills from the Record where they were created; therefore, the 'delete' icon will only be available for the prescriptions linked to the current Record.

Check out a short video on how to refill a prescription👇

Generate script or label

For external prescriptions, you can view the prescription or refill script by clicking the printer icon. All the prescription details, such as the medication name, prescribed quantity, number of refills, prescribing doctor, and signature, medication label & instructions, will be displayed on the script document. You can easily print it or download it and send it via email to the client or the pharmacy if needed.

The same goes for the refill scripts - the document will display all the relevant information.

For in-house ones, you can directly generate and print the label. Find out more about our label printer integration here.

View all prescriptions and medications at a glance

In the patient's Health Card > Medication tab, you can see all the current and past prescriptions and refills. You can see all the relevant information, such as the date when they were prescribed, the doctor that prescribed them, the number of refills left and their status, and the direction label and internal notes.

📌 All inactive prescriptions are displayed at the bottom of the list.

The prescriptions added through Records will display a clipboard icon that will take you to the Record where the medication was prescribed.

The prescriptions added manually directly from the Health Card (read more about them here) are also displayed in the Health Card, but they will have an edit icon in front of the date.

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