Set up Forms and Certificates

Learn how easy it is to create templates for consent forms or certificates.

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Learn how to speed up many internal flows that need paperwork, from registration forms to handouts.

Create Form & Certificate Templates

Click on the top right corner, go to Administration - Templates & Forms and click on the (+) Add new template file.

  • Add the name of the form

  • Type the file name that you want for the downloaded file. This is helpful when you are saving files on your device. You can use shortcuts to paste details about the pet or the pet parent.

📌 To use a shortcode, move the cursor where you want to add it and press the shortcut button.

Choose what type of form you are creating. If you choose a Vaccination Certificate, it will be generated automatically in the Health Card once you add a Vaccination Record. The same goes for the Spay/Neuter Certificate types.

Content: Use the template editor to create a personalized form. You can also add shortcodes here, choose between fonts, add tables and images, use bullet points, and much more.

Once are done working on your template, click the Save button.

You can always go back and make changes until you get the best version of it.

You can use them in any pet profile under Documents (on the left-hand side);

Add Forms to a Patient (from Documents)

You can associate new Forms to a Patient from their profile by going to the Documents page from their left sidebar. From this page, click on 'Add New' and select the Forms that you wish to add.

We recommend adding new Forms from this page for general Forms, such as Data Privacy or New Client Forms.

Add Forms on the Record/SOAP

Forms can also be added directly on Records, from the Summary section. These Forms are associated to a specific Record.

We recommend adding Forms directly on the Record if they are specific to the visit, such as Consent Forms for various procedures,

Generate Certificates

Learn more about generating and sharing Certificates in this article.

Review Patient's Forms & Certificates

On the Documents page of a patient, you can view all existing Forms associated with this Patient, including information about their status (if they were signed or not), when they were generated and which staff member generated them.

​On the Certificates tab, you can check all automatically generated certificates based on the Visit Type or products administered on the Record/SOAP.

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