There are multiple ways of adding an appointment.

The fastest way to add one is to use the quick actions button on the top right corner.

You can also do it directly from the health card of a pet. By doing this you get the pet and pet parent pre-filled.

Another method to add a new appointment is from the calendar by clicking on an available time slot. The date and hour will be prefilled automatically.

When adding a new appointment from scratch you can select the pet parent, the pet, the service, and the staff member. You can select the channels on which you would like to communicate with the pet parent, and also customize the reminders that are being sent before that specific appointment.

Optional, along with the appointment, you can send the pet parent a message or write some internal notes that are shared only with your colleagues.

What information is necessary when adding an appointment?

Client: searching in the database of clients

Pet: searching for all the pets associated with the selected pet parent

Clinic: this field is only visible if your practice is part of a chain

Staff in charge: it’s automatically prefilled with the logged user, but can be changed (for example, if the Receptionist takes the appointments)

Service: the reason for the visit

Date: date and hour of the visit

📌 You will see a warning if the time slot selected is already booked or it's outside the working hours.

Confirmed by Client: check this box if the client already confirmed verbally the appointment (this means that the client won't see the appointment as a request but as a confirmed appointment)

Notifications & Reminders:

If you want to change the notifications and reminders that are being sent before the appointment, click on the edit button near them.

To add the appointment to the calendar, just hit the Save button.

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