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Reschedule an Appointment
Reschedule an Appointment

Learn how simple it is to edit or reschedule an appointment.

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There are multiple ways of editing or rescheduling an appointment. The first step is to find the appointment you wish to update. You can do this from the Calendar page, from the Flowboard, or from the patient's Health Card / Timeline.

Then, simply click on the 3 dots icon, followed by the 'Edit/Reschedule' action.

Another way to reschedule an appointment is to drag and drop it on the Calendar to a new date or time or update it by moving it from one staff member to another or from one room to another, depending on the View that you are on.

πŸ“Œ If the appointment was previously marked as 'Confirmed', changing the date or time will mark it as 'Pending'. You can manually update the status back if the client has already confirmed this change with you.

πŸ“Œ You will see a warning if the new time slot selected is already booked or it's outside the working hours.

New appointment requests can also be rescheduled by pressing the Edit/Reschedule button or by dragging and dropping the card to a different slot.

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