Cancel an Appointment

Learn how to cancel an appointment.

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An appointment can be canceled from different screens. The first step is to find the appointment you wish to cancel. You can do this from the Calendar page, from the Flowboard, or from the patient's Health Card / Timeline.

Then, simply click on the 3 dots icon, followed by the 'Cancel' action.

πŸ“Œ Canceling an appointment will generate a notification sent to the client, based on your default appointment notifications settings.

The Canceled appointments are marked in the Calendar with an 'X' icon and a gray background.

πŸ“Œ Canceled appointments can be hidden or displayed in the Calendar from the Filters. Hovering the button will also display the active and inactive filters.

Canceled appointments are also visible in the patient's Timeline by clicking on the Canceled filter under the Appointments tab.

New appointment requests can be declined directly from the sidebar or from the appointment card in the Calendar.

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