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Learn how to add quick appointments on busy days.

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Quick appointments are specially designed for new clients or patients who are not in your system/database yet. They require less information to be added, so you can quickly book new clients who are requesting appointments over the phone.

When they arrive, you can easily create an account for them and add the rest of the missing details, and the quick appointment will be associated with their history.

๐Ÿ“Œ The only required information for this appointment type is the client and pet name, the service/appointment type, date & time.

๐Ÿ“Œ This type of appointment is considered 'Confirmed' and it doesnโ€™t send any notification or reminders to the client.

A 'Quick Appointment' can be added from the Calendar page, either by clicking on the purple button or by picking a time slot in the calendar and switching to the quick appointment modal. You can also right-click in the calendar and select the 'Quick Appointment' option directly.

This type of appointment is marked in the Calendar with a teal thunder icon so you can easily recognize them. You can also see the purple 'add new client/patient' icon on the appointment card, from where you can start creating their profile.

Create a new client or patient from a quick appointment

You can easily create a new client and pet profile or just add a new pet to an existing client, directly from your quick appointments.

By clicking on the purple icon from the appointment card, you will be redirected to the client / patient registration form. The information from the appointment will be already filled in (such as client name, phone number or email, and patient name).

Fill in all the client details and go to the next step for the patient information.

If the client is already in the system, click on the 'Add pet to existing client' button from the top right, select the client, and just fill in the patient details.

After saving, the appointment will be linked to the new patient, and it will be visible on their profile. The appointment on the calendar will also be marked as a 'normal' appointment, and all the client and patient information will be displayed there as well.

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