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Label printer integration
Label printer integration
Print your labels directly from Digitail.
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Digitail can automatically generate prescription labels from the record.

Set up product labels

Go to your Products Directory, select a product, click on Edit and scroll down to the Directions section. All the details that you write here will automatically appear on the Label section (Plan β†’ Recommendations).

πŸ“Œ You can update the text directly in the record if needed.

Print product labels

If you selected the product directly in the Plan β†’ Services & Products, you will see the associated label and recommendations in the Recommendations section. From here, you can print it, update the text or remove the label altogether.

If you are using the Prescriptions section, then the Label will appear directly here. You can update the default product's label and print it directly.

The label template

This is a label template from Digitail. Based on your label printer device and label sizes, the design might appear slightly different.

πŸ“Œ Click on More settings if you want to change the paper size or customize the margins, scale, and others.

Recommended Label Printers:

  • DYMO LabelWriter 450

  • Zebra ZD models

  • Brother QL810W

Set up custom printing settings:

iPad Compatibility

Unless the printer is AirPrint compatible (such as Brother QL- 810W) or you're using a bridge software (such as Printopia), you'll have a hard time getting anything to print from Chrome on iPads as GCP is no longer supported by the device.

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