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Add and Manage Products

Create and manage products.

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Managing your Product List / Catalog is essential for maintaining an organized inventory. This guide will help you add and manage new products in Digitail

Adding New Products to your Directory

To add a new product, go to the Inventory section from the Admin area and click on Products. Here, you will see your list of existing products. To add a new product, click the "Create Product" button.

When defining a product, you need to fill in three main sections:

Product Definition

These are the basic details about the Product, such as:

  • Name: ensure you use the correct name in order to easily search and find the product; the name will also be visible to the client on Invoices & other documents

  • Barcode No. / SKU (optional): Use this field to add the product's barcode; you can scan it to search for and use the product

  • Category: choose the relevant product category from the drop-down menu.

  • AAHA Code (optional): you can also categorize your inventory using AAHA codes for easier reporting and benchmarking

  • Manufacturer: choose from the drop-down menu the manufacturer; you can add new ones just by going to Admin - Inventory - Manufacturers

Digitail gives you the possibility to use a product by two measurement units.

Example: If you have a 10 mL vial, you can sell or use the product as a vial or per milliliter.

  • Unit: Main unit of the product

  • Subunit: The second unit of the product

  • Formula: Input here how many Subunits are in a Unit

Example 1: If you have a product that is a VIAL of 10 mL, the Unit is the "Vial", the size is "10" and the Subunit is "mL".

Example 2: If you buy a pack of 50 vaccines but use only one dose at a time, the unit is the Pack, the subunit is the dose, and the formula is 50.


  • Tax: choose from the drop-down menu the corresponding tax level

  • Sales Price: this is the selling price of the product per main unit

  • Dispensing Fee: you can define a dispensing fee which will be added every time you administer this product, regardless of the quantity used

Learn more about adjusting prices for your Stock in this article.

Stock & Details

  • Controlled Substance: you can flag the products that are considered Controlled Substances to generate the Controlled Substances Report (read more about this Report here)

  • Minimum/Optimal Stock: these fields are only used with the Vetcove integration (if you want to set general stock alerts, learn how to set them up here)

  • Dispensing Method (optional): you can type how the product is dispensed

  • Active Substances (optional): type the active substances that the product has

  • Usage (optional):

  • Directions (optional): this will appear on the medication/product label or script (read more about customizing label templates here)

  • Recommendations (optional): when using the product on a SOAP/Record, the Recommendations field will populate with the information typed here.

After entering all the necessary information, scroll down and click the "Save" button to add the product to your inventory.

Importing Products

You can add multiple products at once by downloading Digitail's template, filling it out, and uploading it back to the system. This method streamlines updating your inventory with large batches of products. Learn how to do that in this article.

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