Adjust stock quantities

See how you can adjust your stock manually.

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How to adjust your stock?

To adjust your stock, go to Inventory - Products - Stock, search for the product you want to adjust and click on the arrow near the name.

Look for the batch that you want to edit and click on the edit stock button.

In order to remove products from stock, write the desired quantity to be removed using the minus (-) symbol in front, for example "-2"; in order to increase the stock, simply write the quantity you want to add, such as "1".

Note: Always check the size of a product when adjusting, to maintain accuracy in your stock.

The Inventory function offers the possibility to easily update all the products in your stock. All you need to do is to download the inventory template, fill in the physical quantities that you counted and upload the Excel document in the platform.

With this functionality, you can create an inventory and adjust the quantities of your products.

Step 1: Download the Excel file that contains your products stock;

Step 2: Fill in the correct quantity of your physical stock, units and subunits;

Step 3: Notate the reason for the differences (if left empty, the following message will be automatically inserted ‘inventory update of stocks’);

Step 4: Save the file and upload it in the designated area;


  • You can update the number of units and subunits

  • You can update the stock with minus or plus, and the differences between the physical stock and the one in the system will be calculated automatically

  • All the stock adjustments will be visible on the Stock Accounting page, in the Adjustments column

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