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Label Printer Customization & Integration
Label Printer Customization & Integration

Customize and print Labels directly from Digitail.

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Digitail can automatically generate prescription labels for your medications or other sold products. You can customize their size and content and also automate the recommendations and the product labels.

Set up Label Templates

To set up your Label Templates, go to the Administration menu and select the Label Templates option.

There, you will see a list of your existing templates (including your system default label) and an option to create a new one or duplicate an existing template.

When you create a new template, you will be able to choose the size and margins of the label, as well as the font, color, and alignment of the text.

You can also set one of the templates as a default, which facilitates one-click printing.

You can also add shortcodes/placeholders for the data that will be automatically filled in when you print the label, such as client name, patient name, clinic name, medication name, dosage, instruction label/directions, and warnings.

You can use the preview function to see how your template will look before saving it.

Below is an example of a default Label Template from Digitail. The default template is based on your initial label printer device and label sizes. The design might appear slightly different, depending on the size and other settings.

Set up Product Labels/Directions

Go to your Products Directory, select a product, click on Edit, and scroll down to the Directions section. All the details that you write here will automatically appear in the Label section (Plan → Recommendations).

📌 The text can also be updated directly in the record, before printing the label.

Print Product/Medication Labels

If you selected the product directly in the PlanServices & Products, you will see the associated label and recommendations in the Recommendations section. From here, you can print it, update the text, or remove the label altogether.

If you are using the Prescriptions section, then the Label will appear directly there. You can update the default product's label with new information and print it directly.

If you click on the dropdown arrow (next to the printer icon), you will see a list of all your Label Templates. When you select an option, the selected template is immediately used to prompt printing. Thereafter, you can print your labels using your preferred printer.

If you click on the main printer button, the default label will be used - this is why we recommend setting the one you use the most as the default option.

Recommended Label Printers

Printing works from any Chrome-compatible label printer. Please check with your provider that your device is compatible.

If the printer is AirPrint compatible (such as Brother QL- 810W) or you're using a bridge software (such as Printopia), printing from Chrome on iPads should work as expected. If the printer is not compatible, printing from your iPad won't work as the device no longer supports GCP.

Advanced Label Printer Settings

When printing a label, you can click on More Settings if you want to change the paper size or customize the margins, scale, and others.

Set up custom Printing Settings:

Windows instructions 👇

Mac instructions 👇

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