Add and Manage Services

Learn how to set up your billable services.

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Digitail makes it easy to manage your Service list. You can add new services or update existing ones, adjust prices, and more.

Add new Services

Click on the top right corner, then go to Administration - Services to review your Service list. Click on the 'Add Service' button to start adding new services.

  • Name the service

  • Select the corresponding category (and AAHA Code)

  • Indicate the price that you want to charge for it

You can add products or consumables according to your service. Each time you add the Service to a Record/SOAP, these products will populate within the service, and your stock will be adjusted automatically.

Click on the product search field and start searching for the products you want.

πŸ“Œ Please note that the search field is looking in your Directory of products, not in your Stock.

You can also link your services with lab services from your integrated lab providers by searching for the test name in the search field and selecting it. Learn more about setting up services with lab tests here.

Each service can be linked to multiple lab tests and products.

πŸ“Œ If you can't find a lab test, click on the Sync button to ensure you have your provider's last test catalog.

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