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Add and Manage Services

Learn how to set up your billable services.

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Managing your list of billable services in Digitail is essential for efficient practice operations. This guide will walk you through the steps to add new services, update existing ones, and manage associated products and lab services.

Adding New Services

To add a new service, navigate to the Administration - Services. Click on the "Add Service" button to start creating a new entry. You will need to provide the following details:

  • Service Name: Enter a descriptive name for the service.

  • Category and AAHA Code: Select the appropriate category and AAHA code for the service.

  • Price: Set the price you wish to charge for this service.

Learn more about adjusting Service Prices in bulk in this article.

Linking Products to Services

You can link products or consumables to a service. Every time the service is added to a Record/SOAP, the linked products will be included automatically, and your stock levels will adjust accordingly. To link a product, use the product search field to find and add the desired items from your Product Directory.

Integrating Lab Services

Services can also be linked to lab tests provided by your integrated lab partners. Use the search field to find and select the relevant lab tests in the service setup. If you cannot find a lab test, click the "Sync" button to update your provider's test catalog. Each service can be connected to multiple lab tests and products, enhancing the utility and comprehensiveness of your service offerings.

Learn more about setting up services with lab tests here.

Digitail makes it straightforward to manage your services by allowing easy updates and integrations with products and lab tests. Keeping your service list current and comprehensive ensures smooth operations and accurate billing.

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