If you have a list of products or an export file from your previous software, you don't have to add them one by one. You can download and use our template, fill them out, upload them back and you're ready to go.

How to import products from an existing database?

1. Download the template from Digitail by going to Administration - Imports - Products

2. After downloading the template, open it using Google Sheets, fill it out or paste the information from your current export file according to each column header.

When defining a product you will need to fill in two sections:

  • Name: You can choose from the drop-down menu a product from the Digitail database or you can create your own personalized version.

  • Category: Choose from the drop-down menu the correct category. This is important because you can generate reports according to these categories and some products, depending on the category it can be visible on the health-card as well as in templates and forms

  • Producer: Choose from the drop-down menu the producers from your database.

  • Batch number and Expiration date (Optional): This information is required if you generate certificates directly from Digitail. Otherwise, this is optional, but you'll be able to manage your products more efficiently and also set alerts to be notified in time before they expire. The expiration date should be DD.MM.YYYY


We have a feature that gives you the possibility to use a product by two measurement units.

Example: If we have a vial of 10 mL. We can sell or use the product as a vial or per milliliter.

  • Unit: Main unit of the product

  • Subunit: The second unit of the product

  • Size / Quantity: Input here how many Subunits are in a Unit

Example: If you have a product that is a VIAL of 10 mL, the Unit is the "VIAL", the size is "10" and the Subunit is "mL".

  • Tax: Choose from the drop-down menu the corresponding option

  • Quantity of Units: How many Units you have in stock

  • Quantity of subUnits: How many subUnits you have in stock

Example: If you have two 10 mL vials, one sealed and one with 5 mLs left, you will have 1 Unit and 5 subUnits in stock.

  • COGS: How much are we paying for the product? Keep in mind that this is always referring to the UNIT and not the subUNIT.

  • Sales Prices: Retail price including markup and tax. Keep in mind that this is always referring to the UNIT and not the subUNIT.

  • Barcode No. / SKU (Optional): You can add here the product's barcode. You'll be able to search and use the product just by scanning it.

3. Save the populated spreadsheet on your computer.

4. Upload the spreadsheet in Digitail

Press the Save button.

You'll get a green notification about how many products have been uploaded successfully.

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