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Shop every supplier at once with Vetcove
Shop every supplier at once with Vetcove

Cut ordering time in half and save on supplies with the vendors you already use.

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Vetcove is a free website that lets you compare prices and what's in stock across all animal health vendors at once. Over 8,000 veterinary practices across the country are already using Vetcove to save money and make inventory purchasing frustration-free. Get started in under a minute πŸ‘‰

If you already have your Vetcove account, follow the steps below!

Activate your Vetcove integration from Digitail

Go to Administration - Integrations and click on the Connect button under the Vetcove logo.

You'll be redirected to the Vetcove platform, where you need to enter your username and password. Once you confirm, you'll be redirected to Digitail and see a success message.

You can manage the connection from your Vetcove account, from More β†’ PIMS Integration. You will now see two additional options at the top of your Vetcove PIMS Integration page: Lists and Products.

Connect Digitail items to Vetcove items

When you enable the Vetcove integration, all the products will be sent to Vetcove automatically. To ensure that your PIMS lists and product quantities are pulled into Vetcove, and to be able to shop items from your Digitail shopping lists, you will need to link your Digitail products to Vetcove products. This will only need to be done one time around but can be updated at any point.

Simply click on the Products tab at the top of your page, and click on each item that does not show a green checkmark. You may also select the filter for unlinked items from the menu on the left side of this page to view all items that still need to be linked:

When you click on a given item, you will be prompted to search and then select the Vetcove item/s in the left column that you wish to link to the Digitail item listed at the top of the window. Keep in mind that a given Vetcove item can only be linked to a single Digitail item:

Unit of Measure

When linking items, you will often also have the ability to select a unit of measurement. Selecting a unit of measurement will help ensure the quantities for each item in a given purchase order are translated properly from Vetcove to your PIMS for receiving.

In the example below, you will see that you have the option to select whether you would like the item, Convenia Injectable: 10ml, to be received in your PIMS as 1 vial or as 10mL. If you receive and track the item in your PIMS per vial, you would select vial – if you receive and track the item in your PIMS per mL, you would select mL:

Automatically sync products in Vetcove

When you enable the integration for the first time, all your products will be sent to Vetcove. All new products will also be sent to Vetcove and synced every 1 minute.

Send a shopping list to Vetcove

Alternatively, you can manually send your shopping list to Vetcove. This article explains how to create a shopping list in Digitail.

From Inventory - Shopping List, click on Send order to Vetcove. This list will be visible in your Vetcove account, under PIMS β†’ Lists.

Some products might not be linked yet with Vetcove items, so you simply link them here (click on the yellow button - Link items) before choosing the supplier and ordering.

The item listings will then drop down in the familiar Vetcove shopping format. Select your preferred supplier and quantity and add the items to your cart. Follow the checkout steps until you see the confirmation screen.

Shop and place orders as normal

Every time you place an order on Vetcove it will automatically be sent as a PO to Digitail! Your PO details will be visible here immediately after placing your order. You can update it at any time if you spot any differences. Make sure you check the items' price, batch number, and expiration date.

πŸ“Œ If the products ordered from Vetcove haven't been linked to Digitail products yet, they might have some information missing. You can add the remaining details by editing the PO in Digitail.

Inventory Syncing

Keep in mind that your Digitail inventory will automatically be synced to Vetcove every 1 minute; however, you may always trigger a manual sync from within your Digitail account.

To trigger a manual sync - simply head to Products within Digitail, select the product you would like to sync, and then click "Sync products with Vetcove".

Based on the minimal and optimal stock quantities you set in Digitail, you can see the thresholds in Vetcove - which are updated every 1 minute.

If some of your products are below the minimum quantity, they will be displayed in the Critical Shortages list and highlighted in red. If the stock is close to the minimum, the products will be highlighted in orange.

Contact πŸ™‹

If you have questions or you encounter any issue with the integration please get in touch with us via chat or at We're here to help you with:

  • Connecting Vetcove with Digitail

  • Creating shopping lists

  • Receiving orders in Digitail

Get in touch with the Vetcove team via their chat or at if you need help with:

  • Creating a Vetcove account

  • Linking products in Vetcove

  • Connecting vendors

  • Placing orders in Vetcove

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