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Learn how to create and manage digital imaging orders from the SOAP.

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The Sound SmartPACS integration allows you to review DICOM images, including Digital & Computed Radiography, Ultrasounds, CT, MR and more. All the results are centralized in Digitail in the patient record and profile, so you can quickly review and open the DICOM image in SmartPACS.

To order Sound SmartPACS on your records, ensure the integration is active and set up correctly. Please follow the steps described in this article or contact us if you need help.

After opening a record, go to the Plan section → Services & Products, and add the tests.

When you are ready to create the order, click on 'Manage orders', followed by 'Create new order'. You will be prompted with a list of all the tests added to the record. From here, you can select and submit all or just some of them.

Once you submit the order, you can see all the orders directly on the SOAP, by clicking the 'Manage orders' button with their ID and submission date.


After the diagnostic imaging is complete, a link to the images will be displayed in Digitail, which can be opened in a browser-based, device-agnostic DICOM viewer loaded with image viewing/manipulation tools. You'll be able to access the results from multiple places in the platform:

1. Record > Manage orders button

The results will be listed below each order once they are ready. Simply click on the blue link to view the file.

2. Health Card > Diagnostics tab

3. Timeline > Records tab

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