Create a Shopping List

Learn how to create and use the shopping list.

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Acquiring products can be difficult without having a shopping list. You might end up with products that have a poor turnover ratio and are still low on stock with products that you use more frequently.

Create a Shopping List

First, you will need to create stock alerts. Learn how to do that by reading this article

After setting up your stock alerts, you can start adding products to your shopping list by going to Inventory - Products - Stock and use the Low stock filter.

You can add individual products to your shopping list and type how much you want to order.

Or you can also choose multiple products and add them to your shopping list.

Review and Manage your Shopping List

If you want to check your shopping list, go to Inventory - Products - Shopping List

To edit the quantity for a specific product, enter the desired quantity under the Purchase Quantity column or use the plus/minus buttons.

To delete one or more products from the list you can use the delete button or make a multi-selection and bulk delete.

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