Create Stock Alerts

Receive notification when your stock is running low.

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Create alerts in order to be notified when your stock is below the desired quantity or your products are about to expire.

From Administration → Stock Alerts, you can create different types of alerts.

💊 Products - select individual products from your stock;

💉 Product Categories - select one or more product categories;

📦 Entire Stock - simply add your rules for the entire stock;

For each of them, you can define the number of days before expiration or a quantity threshold. You can also add a list of emails that will be used for the notifications.

All the rules that you define here will also be taken into consideration on your Stock Levels page.

In Stock - all products that have stock;

Low Stock - all products that reached the set threshold;

Out of Stock - all the products that are out of stock;

About to Expire - all the products that reached the number of days

Expired - all the products that have expired;

📌 You can also quickly set stock alerts from this page, by selecting a batch, and clicking on the (i) icon from the Actions. All these alerts will also appear in the main table from the Admin page.

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