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Payments Reports - End of Day
Payments Reports - End of Day

Check your received payments in real time.

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The Payment Report got a complete makeover! Check it out and review all the received payments here!


Understand how your clinic is performing with a quick overview of today's sales, refunds, discounts, and payments. You can also see a payment type and card type breakdown.

The data displayed is automatically selected as Today, but you can change the filter for a different time period.


From the Filters section, you can select the date (the default is Today), a particular client, the payment method (card, cash, bank transfer, etc), and the card type (if 'Card' was selected as the payment method). After selecting the desired filters, click the 'Search' button.


The report displays the date & hour of the transaction, as well as the record or direct sale link (and the patient, too), the client name, the description of the payment, the payment method, and the amount. The refunds are marked in red.

Each transaction has the following actions:

  • refund payment (each payment that wasn't fully refunded will display this action)

  • edit payment (you can edit the amount, the payment or card type, the date, and the description)

  • delete payment (a confirmation popup will appear to confirm this action)

📌 You can easily export this table in PDF or Excel if needed.

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