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Set up the Clinic's Profile

Learn how to set up the clinic's profile

Updated over a week ago

You can update your clinic name, email, website, address, and phone number as well as the logo and basic preferences in the Clinic Profile section. This is also where you can add or update the Welcome message displayed on the online calendar.

How to update your basic information?

Click on the top right corner and go to Administration Clinic Profile, change the details you want to update, and click on Save.

How to update your clinic's address?

Click on the address field and start typing. You will start getting suggestions from Google Maps as you type. Choose from the drop-down the corresponding address suggested by Google Maps and click on Save.

How to update your logo?

Click on the Browse button right next to the logo field and select your photo and Save.

How to add or update your welcome message from the public calendar?

Scroll down to the Public Notice field and type the message you want to prompt your clients, then click Save.

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