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Set up the Clinic's Schedule

Learn how to set up the clinic's schedule and exceptions.

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To set up your practice's schedule, you need to go to Administration - Clinic Profile - Schedule. Here, you can start customizing each day of the week.

If the switch is off, that day won't be available for bookings. To activate a day, you need to turn on the switch and adjust the interval.

If you have a break during those working hours, just add another interval by clicking on New Interval. The gap between the two intervals will appear as a break in your online calendar, and it won't be available for booking requests.

How to add exceptions during holidays?

If your schedule is different on specific days or periods of time, such as holidays, there is no need to change the general schedule. You can set exceptions with a custom schedule, to cover those days.

📅 How does the exception work?

Date: select from or when the exception takes effect

Recurrence: select if it's a one-time exception or if it will occur in the future

Schedule: switched off if the practice is closed, or on if there are different working hours.

Example 1:

Set up exceptions for Christmas:

Example 2:

Set up exceptions for longer holidays like a one-week vacation:

📅 How to set up a recurrence?

1. How is the event repeating?

2. On which weekdays the event takes effect?

3. When does it end?

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