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Learn how to set up your personal schedule and shifts.

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After setting up the veterinary practice’s schedule, each team member can set his or her own schedule and shifts. Each user has the possibility to use the schedule defined by the practice, or create a personalized one.

This option is available in My profile - Schedule

If you want to use the clinic's schedule, just check the box above the weekdays. If you want to define your own shift or schedule, leave it unticked.

If you are not using the clinic's schedule, you can start customizing each day of the week.

If the switch is off it means that the specific day won't be available for bookings. To activate a day you need to turn on the switch and adjust the interval.

If you have a break during the working hours, just add another interval by clicking on New Interval. The gap between the two intervals will appear as a break in your online calendar and it won't be available for booking requests.

If you want to add exceptions, check out this article that goes more in-depth.

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