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Set up Canned Treatment Plans (Estimates)
Set up Canned Treatment Plans (Estimates)

Configure your most used estimates and reuse them with one click.

Updated over a week ago

Access faster your most used treatment plans. Reuse them as they are or add, remove or update items on the go.

You can create multiple estimates templates from Admin → Canned Treatment Plans.

Simply click on Add new to start customizing it. We recommend choosing an easy but informative template name so you can quickly find it when you need it.

Exactly like creating a new estimate in the record, you can add different services and products with different quantities (for low and high).

Next to the estimate template name, there are several actions available:

  • edit the name

  • duplicate a template (so you don't have to start from scratch)

  • preview estimate

  • delete a template (this won't affect the records that used this template previously)

From the 'Treatment Plan' section in the Record, you can browse and choose an existing canned estimate or create a new one.

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