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Create treatment plans (estimates) and sync them directly in the Record.
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You can easily create estimates for your patients in Digitail. To do so, open a new SOAP, and in the Summary section, you can find the Treatment Plans tab.

Create an estimate

Click on "Add estimate" and fill out the required information. These are the main components of an estimate:

✍🏼 Estimate title

Use a descriptive name that can help you and your colleagues identify it easily;

πŸ•¦ Date & hour

This information is automatically prefilled so you don't need to worry;

πŸ’Š Services / products

Add all the services and products needed;

πŸ”Ί High / low quantities

The default is 1 for both high & low quantities, but you can adjust this and also change the measurement unit - all the prices will be calculated automatically;

πŸ‘€ Internal notes

Use this area for any internal notes that you do not wish to share with the client;

πŸ‘“ Public notes

These notes will be visible on the estimate PDF that will be shared with the client so you can include here any disclaimer or extra information;

πŸ‘ Actions

Edit name - you can edit the name of the estimate at any time;

Duplicate - create an exact copy of an existing estimate;

Print - preview & download / print the estimate PDF;

Delete - delete an estimate;

Approve item - approve a service or product;

Decline item - decline a service or product;

Remove item - remove a service or product;

πŸ“Œ If an item is declined, a notes area will appear next to it in case you want to record additional details.

πŸ“Œ If an entire service is declined, all the products that are part of that service will be automatically declined;

πŸ“Œ If an entire service is approved, all the products that are part of that service will be automatically approved - however you can decline or remove specific products and even add new ones.

Approve & sync in Plan - this will sync all the approved services & products in the Plan section and will change the status of the estimate to "Approved";

Reject - this will change the status of the estimate to "Rejected";

πŸ“Œ If there are pending items (neither approved nor declined), you'll see an alert that allows you to approve and sync everything in the Plan.

Edit an estimate

You can edit estimates while they are in the "Pending" state. Once they are approved or rejected, you can't update the estimate, but if you still wish to change something there are two options:

1. Make the necessary updates directly in the Plan (add / remove products, change quantities, etc.)

2. Duplicate the estimate and update the new one with the changes you wish to make (we recommend renaming the old one or deleting it)

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