Charge using ScratchPay

Process online and terminal payments through Digitail.

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Before you start, please make sure you have an active ScratchPay account. Once you have the account, you only need to have ready your account ID - if you don't know it, ask your Account Manager at ScratchPay for it.

Go to the Integrations page in Digitail, click on the 'Connect' button under the ScratchPay card, paste your account ID, and click Save.

After you complete this easy setup, you are then ready to start processing payments.

Online Payments / Payment links

On the Billing section of any Record, you can see a payment link icon. From there, you can copy or send via chat the payment link for the invoice total or for the entire client's outstanding balance. You can also create a new payment link with a custom sum.

Opening the link will display the amount to be paid and the card details fields that need to be filled in by the client (or by the clinic if the client is giving you the card details over the phone.)

Once the transaction is approved, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. The Billing section in Digitail will also display the transaction details (date/hour, amount, method).

Terminal Payments

Similarly, you can charge the client via the terminal if they have the card present. Simply click on 'Add Payment' select 'Card', and the terminal you want to use (in case you have multiples) and hand the terminal/POS device to the client to finalize the transaction.

After the transaction is confirmed, you will see the Billing section and the Payments Report updated. Like any other payment type, you can refund it using the same methods.

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