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Appointments sync with Google Calendar
Appointments sync with Google Calendar

Sync your Digitail Calendar with your personal Google Calendar.

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It's super easy to keep your calendar synced with this Google Calendar integration.

Go to Administration - My Profile - Schedule and click on Sync with Google Calendar.

Connect your account

You will be asked to choose one of your existing Google accounts for this integration.

Next, you will be prompted with a screen that lists the access and permissions necessary for the integration to work. Once you click Allow, the setup is done!

You will be redirected to Digitail where you will receive a confirmation message. The Connect button now changes to Disconnect so in case you used the wrong google account you can start over.

See it in action

All new appointments associated with your user will directly be synced with your Google Calendar. All the information (of the pet, client, and the visit) will be visible as well in your calendar.

If an appointment gets updated in Digitail, the changes will be visible in your Google Calendar as well. If the appointment is moved to a different colleague, then it will be removed from your calendar and will be visible in their calendar.

📌 Special calendar for the clinic

You might already have a special calendar in your Google account for clinic appointments, but if you don't, we recommend creating one so you can keep personal events and work separated.

Here is a quick article on how to create a new calendar.

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