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Add your Signature or Stamp

Make your documents more professional with your signature and stamp.

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You can personalize your record summaries with your signature or stamp. To do so, simply add a photo or a scan directly to your account. We recommend using a photo with a .png or .jpg extension and a white or transparent background.

If you want to add Signatures/Stamps (or customize other details) for other users, you can do so from the Team page. Read more about adding and managing new users here.

Add your Stamp/Signature

From the top right corner, select My profile. Your 'User Type' needs to be a veterinarian for the signature/stamp to be visible.

Go to Signature / Stamp section and upload your image.

The Signature / Stamp will automatically appear on all the Record summaries you create, Discharge notes, External Medication scripts, Vaccines/Preventive Treatment histories, and Certificates.

Best Practices to ensure the Signature / Stamp is displayed well

You can use a white paper to stamp and sign, then take a picture with your phone from above. In order to be displayed well, the signature / stamp needs to be in the middle of the photo and to have a completely white or transparent background. For this, we can use an online photo editor, such as Canva.

👉 The first step is to crop the photo to ensure the signature / stamp is centered and the margins are equal.
👉 The next step is to rotate the photo if needed.
👉 The last step is to adjust the luminosity and the contrast in order to obtain the whitest background possible, like a normal white paper.

In case you need help, get in touch with us!

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