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Customize your Profile

Learn how easy it is to personalize your profile.

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You can update your profile photo, name, email, and other basic preferences on the My Profile page. Having a profile photo helps build rapport with your clients by adding a personal touch. It will also make it much easier to identify which user is assigned to specific charges or tasks.

If you want to add new users or update existing ones in the practice, read this article.

Basic Settings

From this page, you can fill in basic information such as title, name, email, and phone number and also select your User Type (only veterinarians will have a License Number and a Signature/Stamp field and also to be selected as a prescribing doctor on Medications). Click the Browse button right next to the Profile Photo field to select and upload your photo (we recommend using a photo in .png or .jpg format).

📌 The email and phone number won't be visible externally to clients.

To add your Signature/Stamp, click on the Browse button right next to the field and select your photo, and then save the changes. Check this quick guide to make sure your image is displayed well. Your signature/stamp will be displayed on all the Record summaries you create, Discharge notes, External Medication scripts, Vaccines/Preventive Treatment histories, and Certificates.

Other Settings

From 'My Profile', you can also change your password, enable 2-factor authentication, or add your video call link (that can be used for telemedicine appointments or other client video calls from the Chat).

You can also select if your user should be available for appointments or not (unchecking the box will ensure your user is not available for appointments internally and on the online booking systems).

Select your Visit Types

You can customize your visit Types if your user is 'available for appointments'. The available types in your profile are the ones set up for the entire practice (check this article to see how to set them up for the practice). You can select which ones of the Visit Types available your user should be associated with. You can do that by selecting them one by one or by selecting the entire category.

Set your Schedule

Find out more about setting up your schedule in this article.

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