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See how you can archive patients.

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There are many reasons why you would potentially want to archive a pet.

Maybe the pet has a new owner or is deceased, or maybe the client moved away.

From the pet's health care, you can quickly see the status - if the pet is active, clicking on the button will open a popup displaying some options for archiving.

From the popup, you can select the reason for archiving (deceased, moved away, change of owner, or other) and write additional comments.

After confirming the action, you'll see a new icon next to the pet's name and when hovering the name, you can also check the reason, the notes and the date.

📌 Tips

Search for archived patients

By default, the archived patients will not appear in the general search. If you want to find the profile of an archived pet, check the "Archived Patients" option from the Patients page and click on Search.

See the archived pets of a client

By clicking on the client's name, you can quickly view all the pets they have. If one of them is archived, there will be an icon displayed next to the pet's name (see Rango that moved away).

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