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Archive Patients

See how you can archive patients.

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There are many reasons why you would potentially want to archive a pet.

Maybe the pet has a new owner or is deceased, or the client moved away.

You can quickly see the status from the pet's health card. If the pet is active, clicking on the dots action button will display the possibility of archiving the patient.

If the patient is already 'Archived', you can unarchive the profile from the same place.

You can select the reason for archiving (deceased, moved away, change of owner, or other) from the popup and write additional comments.

All Archived patients can be seen on the Patients page by using the 'Archived' filter.

They will display a specific emoji next to their name so you can see at a glance they are archived.

Searching for Archived Patients

You can easily search for Archived patients from different places.

Patients Page

By default, archived patients do not appear on the Patients page. To find the profile of an archived pet, check the "Archived Patients" option from the Patients page and click on Search.

The widgets at the top of the Patients page display, by default, only data about the active patients. To see all data, select the 'Show All' filter.

General Search

You can also search for Archived patients from the general search on the top right side. Enable the 'Show archived' option to search your entire patient list.

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