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Create SOAP/Record Templates

Customizing record templates for your practice.

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Creating customized templates for your practice will provide time savings and uniformity in your medical record documentation.

From the administrative view, go to Templates located in the left toolbar. Click on Add New, or Duplicate an existing template. If you need to Edit or Delete a template, simply click on the icons from the Actions column.

Name your template for easy referencing and customize it how you want!


Here you can predefine services, staff members and include internal notes. The notes are always private and you can use the space to describe procedures, remind colleagues of something, etc.


You can decide if you want to hide or show a specific section only under certain conditions (for example, just for dogs, or for animals between some ages).

If you want to hide a section, simply click the toggle switch to the off position and the entire section will be greyed out.

If you want to show a section only under some conditions, click on the gear icon and configure the rules. Once you save the conditions, the gear icon will turn a darker color so you can easily spot which sections or fields have special display rules.

📌 You can customize fields based on:

  • Species

  • Age

  • Weight

  • Gender

  • Reproductive status

You can apply these settings for the main sections (Subjective - Objective - Assessment - Plan) or for any other subsection or field from the Record.

You can also define specific values for any of the fields so you don't need to type and lose precious time. This is helpful to set default templates for normal values or for abnormal ones.

Use templates in Records

When creating a new Record, you can select one of the templates you've created. You'll see the template being applied immediately - only the sections and fields that you decided to show will be visible and all the fields that had predefined values will be already selected/prefilled. You can change any of the default values or add new ones.

📌 While the Record is in Draft mode you can change the template, but once the Record is saved you won't be able to update or remove the associated template.

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