From the patient's Health Card, go to the Medications tab and click on the purple button to log a new entry.

You'll see a form with some mandatory and optional fields, where you can add the product name, type (external or written), quantity dispensed, directions (these will also be part of the label that you can print), date prescribed (it can also be a past date, if you want to log a medication that the patient got previously, in a different clinic), status (active or inactive), and internal notes (you can use these to record different information or other changes such as dosage or directions).

All the medications added will be visible on the Health Card, with all the information. You can edit (or delete) an entry, by clicking on the edit icon in front of the date. To change the status, simply click on it and select the new one.

If there is an external medication, you can print the prescription directly from the medication tab.

More updates coming soon ⏳

You'll soon be able to create prescriptions or dispense medication directly from the Record too!
More information will be available there, such as the prescribing doctor and the number of refills. All the medications dispensed as written prescriptions will also be automatically taken out of the stock and added to the client invoice.
These prescriptions will also be visible on the Health Card, but can only be updated by going back to the specific record/SOAP.

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