You have two ways of viewing appointments. You can either view your entire calendar by clicking on the Appointments page,

or you can view the appointments of a specific pet just by accessing their health card.

Calendar views

You have multiple views that you can choose from depending on your needs.

📌 Read more about setting up rooms and kennels here.


This view compresses all your appointments into a timeline easy to follow and with a lot of details like the hour and the duration of the appointment, Service, Internal Notes, Pet, Client, Appointment Status, and the responsible Staff member.

On the other views, clicking on the appointment opens a detailed card with relevant information.

Appointment status

On the top right corner of each appointment, you can see the status of it.

Request from client - these are all the appointments that need action from you (confirmation or reschedule)

Waiting client's confirmation - these are all the appointments that need action from the client

Confirmed appointment - these are the appointments that are confirmed both by you and the client

Quick appointment - these are the quick appointments that are not associated with an existing client and by default they are confirmed

Canceled - the canceled appointments will appear with gray in the calendar

📌 From the left-sidebar, you can go to Settings and hide canceled appointments from your calendar to keep it clean.


  1. I'm not seeing the events in my calendar. What should I do?

If you're not seeing the events in your calendar, most probably there's an error with the stored cookies in your browser.

There's a quick fix for that. Go to the calendar, right click and select "Inspect", go to the "Application" tab, double click on "Local storage", select, and delete the "ACTIVE_VETS_LOCAL_STORAGE" row using the backspace key or the delete option.

After doing this, just close the console and refresh the appointment page.

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