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New Calendar update πŸŽ‰
New Calendar update πŸŽ‰

Check out what's new on the Calendar!

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We have been very busy here at Digitail working on streamlining our appointment page. As always your feedback is valued and we are thankful to be an extension of your team! We are getting ready to launch the new updates soon, and of course, we wanted to show you first. Let's get into it!

Better performance

We are very proud to see that so many of you have drastically grown the number of appointments and are continuing to do so month over month. The new calendar comes with improved performance so everything loads much faster.

Mobile / Tablet friendly

We designed the new calendar mobile-first so you can use all its features easily even when you are on the go! Add appointments, tasks, check what's coming next, approve new requests - all from your phone.

New features, new design, new UX

Over the past months, we gathered hundreds of insights, ideas, and feedback (thank you to everyone that contributed πŸ™). So what's new?

1. Appointment statuses

We updated the design of all statuses and added a new one: No show!

2. Availability / occupancy level

On the Day view, you can now see under each user the number of scheduled appointments for the day and the remaining availability. The calculation is based on each team member's schedule.

πŸ“Œ These are the color rules:

  • 0-49% availability - RED

  • 50-74% availability - ORANGE

  • 75-100% availability - GREEN

3. Appointment colors

We now display the colors of the appointments as a light background too in order to browse easier through different appointment types.

Check out this article to see how you can update the colors πŸ‘‰

4. Updated preview card

The appointment preview card now includes more relevant information about the patient, client, and the appointment itself.


The quick comments / notes are now available also on the calendar!

Appointments, Quick appointments, Tasks - they can all have comments.

6. Filters & Settings

All the filters and settings are now centralized in one place. Now there is an easy way to Select or Deselect all staff membersπŸ‘Œ.

Additionally, all these preferences are now saved per user, so even though you log in / log out, use a different computer or clear your cache, the settings will stay the same.

7. Add to calendar

You can quickly add new appointments (normal or quick) and tasks from one button.

8. A new date/time picker

We also updated the date/time picker so it works smoother.

9. Reordering of staff members

10. Unassigned appointments and tasks

11. Adding service bundles (protocols) on appointments

12. New stages: Checked-in, In progress, Closed

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