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Patient Timeline Overview

Check out the new patient's Timeline!

Updated over a week ago

Get more insights about your patients, from one single place. See all the encounters, from appointments to medical records, all the tasks and follow-ups, and even client updates in an aggregated timeline!


View and manage all patient's appointments from one place. You can filter them by status or by date range.

The appointment cards display the visit type and the status of the appointment, together with the available actions:

  • Check-in (for visits that are not in progress yet)

  • Open record

  • Confirm (for new requests)

  • Edit/Reschedule

  • Mark as 'No Show'

  • Cancel

Other information displayed includes the date and hour, the room, the appointment reason (in case of appointments booked online), and the internal notes.


The Records tab comes with the following filters:

  • Status (Draft, Open, Closed)

  • Date range

  • Staff

  • Visit type / Services

  • Diagnoses

  • Payment status (Pending, Partially Paid, Paid)

  • Sale status (Open, Ready for checkout, Closed)

The Record card also displays the linked appointment (if the record was opened from a scheduled appointment) so all the relevant notes can be easily accessible.

The card displays a summary of the SOAP. The information displayed in the header

  • Visit type and record number → clicking on it will open the record in a new tab

  • Comments → you can quickly see the number of existing comments read them, and add new ones

  • Follow-up appointments → all the appointments added in Plan - Follow-ups will appear here

  • Tasks → all the tasks added in Plan - Follow-ups will appear here

  • Actions → view attachments, preview invoice, pin record

Pinned record

You can pin a record on the right side of the Timeline so you can have easy access to it. This makes it easy to compare notes and results from one visit to another, to duplicate it, or access attachments, invoices, or lab results.


Here you can see all the tasks related to this patient. You can leave comments on each task, update it or delete it.

Find out more about tasks in this article 👉

Client updates

Pet parents can share different updates with you, directly from the Digitail App! They have multiple updates they can track, from weight to food and water intake, medical or behavior changes. All the diary updates marked as 'Public' will automatically be shared with their care provider (which is you 💜 )!

📌 If a client doesn't have the app installed, you can send them an invite with more details.

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