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Enable Online Bookings from your website
Enable Online Bookings from your website

Learn how to set up / embed the online booking system on your website.

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We recommend having a dedicated button / separate page on your website only for bookings. You can use that button or that separate page to embed the online booking system.

If this seems hard, don't worry; reach out to us, and we can connect with your website developer and set it up for you!

Using a "Book Now" button

All you need for adding the online booking system to the back-end of the "Book now" button is to add the link from your Digitail account.

Just head straight to Administration - Clinic profile, and just below your logo, you have your unique link and a copy button. Clicking on that button will copy the link to your clipboard, and then you can paste it on your website.

Using a separate page on your website

If you want to keep your booking system in the same place as your website you can use the embedded version.

To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Copy your online booking system link to your clipboard using the instructions above

  2. Paste the link between the quotes in the next HTML code:

<iframe style=" 
margin:0 auto;
" src="your_link_here"></iframe>

3. Share this HTML code with your website developers, and they can add it for you

or contact us - we are here all the way!

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