Share the record summary

See how easy it is to share a record summary with your clients.

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You can share the record summary with your clients in a few easy steps.

On the Timeline > Records tab, you can find the 'Share Records' button. You can then see all the available records (the ones that are still in Draft mode won't be visible, as those can't be shared yet), with their record number, date, services / reason of the visit, the main provider, and any attachments, if they exist.

Clicking on the record number will open the record in a new tab while clicking on the service(s) will display the summary of that specific visit.

From the right side, you can customize which sections you'd like to hide or display on the summary (by default, all sections are shared)

You can also select if you want to generate the summary as a single PDF file or an archive with separate PDF files.

You can then download the document(s) or directly send them via email (the client's email is predefined, but can be removed if needed) to a contact person, or another practice.

An alternative way to share records is from the Patient's Records page. Go to the record you want to share and click on the actions. You can either send it directly via email to the client or view the PDF and print it.

By clicking on Advanced Record Options you can customize what to share with the client; when you click on Send Record Summary via email you can also add additional email addresses separated by comma.

📱 If the client has the app installed, he/she will have access to the summary of all records instantly. You can of course decide what information you want to make available in the app.

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