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Learn how to share records for referrals or insurance claims.

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You can share one or multiple records with the client, or send them to a different email address, like another doctor's office. From the Patient's Health Card, scroll down to the Timeline, and then switch to Records:

Now, click on Share Records:

Once the pop-up with the records list opens, simply select the ones you want to send.

You will see the parts of the record that you can omit in the PDFs that will be sent by Digitail. For example, you can send the records without prices:

You can send the email with the records to the client's email address, or to any other email address:

Once the email is sent, you will see a confirmation. Please be aware, that if you are typing a different email address than the client's, you have to make sure the email address is correct. Digitail only confirms that it was sent to the email address provided by the user.

The email recipient, or recipients, will get a single PDF file with all the records you included.

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