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Generate and Share Invoices

Generate, preview and share Client Invoices.

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Invoices can be generated and shared with clients from multiple places on the platform.

If you are looking to generate a consolidated Invoice rather than a simple one, read this article for more information.

Generate an Invoice from the Record > Billing section

In the Billing section of the Record, next to the total amount, you can find the Generate Invoice button. With one click, the client invoice is generated.

From Advanced Options, you can select a different date for the Invoice (for situations when the invoice needs to be backdated).

From here, you can also generate a Consolidated Invoice or add this bill to an existing one. Read more about consolidating invoices in this article.

Generate an Invoice from the Flowboard

Invoices (simple or consolidated) can be generated from the Flowboard as well for the visits that are in the 'Pending checkout' or the 'Closed' column.

Update Invoices

In case you need to update invoices, this can be done from multiple places. In the Record, scroll down to the Billing section, and next to the total, you can see the 'Update Invoice' button. Clicking on it will update the invoice with the new changes (changed items or totals, payments taken, etc). Invoices can be easily updated from the Flowboard as well.

View Client Invoices

Client Invoices can be accessed from the Record, Timeline, or Flowboard, but they can also be seen in a centralized place, in the client card from the patient's Health Card.

This list displays all the client sales (from all their pets), the total, status, and the amount due, if any. You can navigate to the associated record by clicking on the icon next to the date, or you can preview the invoice by clicking on the blue underlined dates (the dates that are not highlighted don't have an invoice generated yet).

📌 If you need to download a Client Statement, you can do this from here by clicking the purple download button. Read more about Client Statements in this article.

You can also view all Client Invoices in this report or in the Sales Report as well.

Share Invoices

There are different ways to share Invoices with clients or other people (co-owners, contact persons, or insurance companies).

For pet parents, you can set an automatic invoice sharing in the App - this will make the invoices available automatically after the record is closed. We can set this option during the onboarding phase or later; just get in touch with our team.

The Invoice Preview displays different options for sending it via email (to the pet parent or to a different email), downloading, or printing it.

Sharing invoices with a Payment Link

If you are integrated with one of our payment providers, sending the invoice with a payment link is possible just by ticking the "Include payment link button" checkbox.
The checkbox is visible after clicking on the "Send via email" button in "Invoice Preview" mode.

📌 All Invoices automatically include a QR code that clients can use to pay them online - only available for integrated payment providers.

Invoice Design

The Invoice includes all the relevant information regarding the client, the clinic, the items, totals, and payments. This is what the standard Invoice looks like👇

📌 Consolidated Invoices also display which patient received each item on the invoice list for easy tracking and insurance claims.

📌 All payments, that have been allocated to this invoice, appear itemized below the totals.

The following customizations are available:

  • display / hide the Cashier;

  • display / hide the Provider for each service or product;

  • display / hide the Unit price of services or products;

Do you want to generate a single invoice for multiple patients or for multiple visits of the same patient? Check out this article that explains how to generate a consolidated invoice 👉

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