Sale / Invoice Statuses

Close Invoices, mark them as Ready for Checkout or re-open to edit.

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In the Billing section from the medical record (or Counter Sell), you can see the status of the sale. By default, all the sales are 'Open' which means that products and services can be added, removed, or updated.

Once all charges have been finalized, you can mark the sale as 'Ready for checkout'. This will move the card on the Flowboard and will change the status of the sale. The charges can still be updated while the sale is in this status.

There are three ways of closing a sale:

  1. Using the 'Close' button - this will mark the invoice as 'Closed' with the payment status of 'Pending'. While the sale is in this state, the charges can't be edited anymore.

  2. Adding a payment (either partial or full) - this will automatically mark the sale as 'Closed' and will lock any further edits.

  3. Generating an Invoice will mark the sale as 'Closed' automatically.

πŸ“Œ If you are an admin or have specific permission, you can re-open closed invoices in order to edit them.

πŸ“Œ If you re-open an invoice that has been paid already, you'll see it marked with both 'Open' & 'Partially paid' or 'Paid'.

Check out a simple diagram explaining the statuses and actions πŸ‘‡

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