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What does the pet profile look like?
What does the pet profile look like?

See what your clients will see about their pets.

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Pet parents have access to their pets' profiles directly in the app. This means they always have handy the digital ID of their pet - always with updated (in real-time) information.

Let's review what information they can see and how are they connected to your practice!

General overview

The Verified by clinic badge means that the pet profile has been approved or created by a veterinary practice (in this case - you).

In the Overview, they can check the basic details of their pet. From here they can also update their profile picture - which will also get updated in your practice.


In the Health section, they can see the medical status of their pet.

When you create a Spay / Neuter record and their reproductive status gets updated, they have instant access to the certificate.

All the preventive care treatments and diets will also be visible here. At a glance, they can see the last purchase (the name of the product and the date), but they can also go into more details and access the entire history of products, as well as the Rabies certificates.

All the weights logged by the practice are also displayed here, in a graph.


In the last section of their pet profile, they have access to all their IDs.

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