Draft records

Draft records are records that haven't been saved yet. They don't have a record # and they are not shared in the app with the client.

In the Timeline and the Patient's Records, you can see the Draft records marked with a gray badge.

All the changes done in a Draft record will automatically be saved. By clicking on the 'Save' button the record will be marked as 'Open' - this means that the record will now get a # and can be finalized.

📌 Drafts can be kept in this state for as long as needed (they won't automatically close after a set period of time).

📌 You can only change the Template of the record while they are in the 'Draft' status.

Open records

Open records are marked with the teal badge. All the changes done in the record will be autosaved, but you can also use the 'Save' button without changing the status of the record.

📌 Only 'Open' records can be closed.

📌 Only some users have access to close records - check permissions here.

📌 'Open' records are not shared in the app if your clinic has an automatic close timer.

Closed records

Closed records will display a purple badge. They also display the timestamp when they were conducted / opened and the timestamp when they were closed.

Closed records are considered 'locked' and therefore are view-only. This means that the record is no longer editable. If you wish to edit a closed record, an admin needs to unlock it first.

📌 Records can be closed manually or have a set timer (e.g. 24h).

📌 If the automatic timer is enabled, the records will close after the set amount from the moment the record was 'Open' (saved for the first time).

📌 Only some users have access to unlock closed records - check permissions here.

📌 Comments can still be added or edited on 'Closed' records.

📌 Products can still be added to the Billing section - if you wish to disable access to the Billing section please check the permissions here.

If you'd like to update the automatic close timer or disable it for your clinic let us know!

(In some places there is a legal requirement to autoclose records after 24 or 48 hours)

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